Colon Therapy

Allaesia Menard, CT


Allaesia Menard has been a pioneer in the field of professional Colon Therapy. She has been licensed for 48 years and operated Colon Therapy Clinics in: Palm Beach FL, Boulder CO, Lake Tahoe CA, and Asheville NC. They currently run two premier clinics in Asheville, North Carolina and Sarasota, Florida.

The Colon Therapy Clinic offers a thorough complete approach to colon therapy emphasizing gradual cleansing of the entire system. Based on nearly 50 years of licensed experience, we use the highest quality disposable equipment, promoting a gentle, safe and comfortable treatment.

We recommend a series of treatments to release wastes, toxins, and mucous. The series includes a minimum of one treatment per week. This completely natural treatment affords the body time necessary to release toxins from successive organs until the whole system has been cleansed, creating a fresh start for the body.

The result of the series is a refreshing and dynamic re-oxygenation of the body, enhanced food absorption, increased energy level and improved digestion with little or no symptoms.

The intake of certain foods supports the success of the cleansing process. Fruits and vegetables are emphasized as 90% of the diet while very little or no meat, dairy, chicken, eggs, nuts, nut butters, or legumes (moderate amount of fish are fine). Upon completion of the series, the body is able to digest foods with ease and one is inclined toward moderation in all food consumption. Periodic treatments are suggested to promote continued health.

Also offers Ozone Therapy & Ionized Foot Baths

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