Ozone Therapy

Allaesia Menard, CT

-Ozone Therapy bonds with Viruses, Bacteria, & Toxic Substances and dissipates them on contact.

-Our clients are seated in a warm (not hot) misty steam cabinet

-High Powered Oxygen (Ozone) enters through the side of the cabinet.

$60 (30 - 45 minute Session)


-Allaesia & Alain Menard are Pioneers for 30 years in Ozone working with "Longevity Resources" the same company that supplies Doctors & Dentists with equipment. 

-Trained by Dr. Frank Shallenberger 


Colon Therapy Asheville 828-206-5811 Allaesia Menard

Colon Therapy Sarasota 941-922-7744 Alain Menard

We also offer Double Footbath (1 Hour) Ionic & Infared 

$60 (1 Hour Session)