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Health Spa and Beauty Goals in Asheville

Priscilla Hendrix, BSMS RN


Priscilla's Bodywork

In the heart of the Western North Carolina mountains, Blackford Wellness is an up and
coming body contouring and health spa on a mission to help women of all ages and sizes on their
journey to reach their health and beauty goals.


Led by lifelong North Carolina resident and 30 year medical professional, Priscilla Hendrix, offers a myriad of non-invasive, pain-free treatments focusing on fat loss and contouring in such as Detox Sauna Therapy, LED Light Therapy and Teeth Whitening.

With a passion for education and a dedication to provide the best services, Priscilla uses
gentle techniques such as Cavitation, Laser Lipo and Cryolipolysis to improve body contour and give a
more sculpted appearance. 


During her time as a wellness practitioner Priscilla has found that the quick results from
these treatments has been a great catalyst for those on a health or weight loss journey and
encourages these clients to stick to healthier eating plans and reasonable exercise habits, resulting in
greater overall weight loss and health improvements without medications or surgery. 

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