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Nutripath & Holistic Health Coach

Irijah McDowell


You can book an appointment directly for Nature of Health by calling 828-779-2293

Irijah specializes in identifying your body's nutritional needs & orienting how to hear what your body is saying. Irijah offers testing for Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Fatty Acids, Probiotics & other supplements that support our body's vital functions. Also offering a Food Test of over 70 different foods in order to get individuals on a personalized diet that is specific to your body. 

Irijah offers Live Cell Microscopic evaluations to observe tendencies towards dysfunction in the body. The sample (1 drop of blood or saliva) is viewed through an Olympus microscope & a live image is projected onto a monitor so YOU CAN SEE what’s happening inside your body. The function of the red blood cells & white immune cells are observed for nutritional needs & immune system strengths or weaknesses. You can observe degenerative micro-organisms such as yeast, bacteria, fungus, as well as other circulatory & lymphatic blockages that may be causing cellular degeneration. Symbiopathic remedies & detoxifiers can be recommended for biofeedback testing from these results. 


As a Holistic Health Coach Irijah will help you hear what your body is telling you! He teaches you practical ways to understand & integrate healthier habits into your daily life! Through his Foundations of Health program, he will share 12 holistic health principals that look at each aspect of health & how they work together to support your whole being. He will be an accountability partner to help motivate you to work on these powerful principles that can bring balance & stability to your life. You will look at & work on the various stressors that are causing your mind & body harm. He will help you build the awareness & skills needed to create as well as maintain these healthy habits in order to achieve optimal health & vitality.

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