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Elizabeth Ready
Holistic Herbalist & Hypnotist

If you want to take charge of your well-being naturally, Western herbalism and/or hypnosis might be just what you need. Born and raised in San Francisco, Elizabeth has always loved the natural environment and looked to it for healing. A walk in nature is healing, but nature can do so much more for us! People in every corner of the globe have used plants for their health benefits for thousands of years. With custom-blended herbal formulas, Elizabeth can assist you with countless issues that are unique to you.

Herbalism works on both physical and energetic levels.
Plants are our perfect allies for mind-body-spirit healing. Herbalism includes aromatherapy in addition to the various ways we can use herbs internally and externally. Herbs can help with cancer support, thyroid issues, female and male reproductive health, digestive issues, and mental health issues of all kinds. They can also help us through spiritual issues such as a spiritual crisis, bereavement, mediumship development and psychic awakening.

Highly intuitive, Elizabeth is also a medium who has trained with two different spiritualist churches in San Francisco. Along with herbs, she uses intuition to help guide her to the herbs that will best support her clients. She sometimes incorporates energy work into her sessions.


Hypnosis has the potential to change thought patterns that do not serve us. Contrary to popular belief, it's not mind control. Elizabeth gently guides clients into what is known as an "altered state of consciousness," and it's something we do naturally all the time, such as when we are "zoning out" or just daydreaming. In an altered state, our subconscious is more accessible and open to accepting affirmations or suggestions that the client wishes to give him or her self. Hypnosis can be effective for all sorts of issues such as insomnia, smoking cessation, self-confidence, fears and phobias and much more.


In her lovely consultation space and apothecary, Elizabeth can hold small group circles for aromatherapy, mediumship development or flower essences. Larger groups (5+) may be accommodated in larger group spaces within the building or off-site, just ask!


Elizabeth would feel honored and excited to assist you on your path to self-empowerment and radiant wellness!


                                   Phone: 415-813-0456

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